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You’ve Cured Your Bacon! Now what?

Five pounds of bacon is quite a lot of bacon.  And after you’ve eaten a pound–what will you do with the rest?  It’s best to freeze it all.

Once the bacon has cooled off from the smoking process, take the time to slice the bacon now.  It’s much easier to defrost sliced bacon than a hunk of it.

Quarter the slab of bacon, then slice as thick or thin as you like.  An electric knife is useful.  Once all the bacon is sliced– you can store in ziplock bags or vacu-seal the bacon. I’ve done 2 pounds per bag–it’s faster to defrost later on.  Frozen bacon keeps well–but it hasn’t lasted very long in there.

Don’t forget to date and label the bacon.  Just in case you have more than one flavor. Now you’re prepared to enjoy good bacon at any time.  🙂


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What is Boar Taint?

If you’ve got a good butcher- ask for pork belly from a female, not male pig.  Male pigs can sometimes have boar taint, which is a kind of gamey, extra piggy taste and smell to the meat.

When testing the recipes for the bacon kit–there were a few times a slab of pork belly had a faint whiff of it.  After curing though–it wasn’t as noticeable and especially after smoking it.